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Regulatory Compliance is an ongoing operational concern for industry as regulations worldwide evolve and become ever more stringent and demanding. Keeping abreast of legislative developments can be difficult, complex and often requires specialist resources. Different products ranging from chemical substances alone or in preparations to articles depending upon sectorial use are subject to different sets of regulations that are geography dependent and compliance is a “MUST” to maintain market position, let alone grow offerings in regional markets served.

RGS consults to a diverse array of chemical and allied industry companies, both international and Turkish, operating across a range of industrial sectors including but not limited to :- petrochemicals, paint, cosmetics, fertilizers, welding, cement, adhesives, industrial and household chemicals, textile agents, iron and steel, metals and ores and polymers assisting them to understand, comply to regulations and audit compliance. Our core staff consisting of chemists, chemical engineers and environmental engineers all have previous chemical’s industry or chemical’s legislation work experience, are educated to M.Sc. and/or Ph.D levels and are highly knowledgeable in their own fields of regulatory affairs. We focus upon supporting Turkish companies exporting to the EU and all companies operating in Turkey to comply with EU and or Turkish republic regulations, however RGS has developed partnerships with companies in Asia and the Americas to support exporters to those geographical regions.

Should your company require any support in understanding and complying to EU or Turkish chemcials or related industry legislation then please do not hesitate to contact us.
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