SEA - Turkish CLP / By-Law on the Classification, Labelling and Packaging of Substances and Mixtures

Manufacturers and downstream users and/or importers of chemical substances have a legal obligation to classify and notify substances placed on the Turkish market.

Substance classification notification to the Turkish C&L inventory starts June 1st 2014 and ends June 1st 2015 for substances alone and in mixtures placed on the market before June 1st 2015. After 1st of June 2015, substances need to be notified to inventory within a month from the day of the first date of import or manufacturing.

For mixtures the CLP Classification & Labelling criteria obligation will apply as of 1st of June 2016. A 2 year transition period for the products that were placed on the market prior to deadline dates applies to labelling.

Notification can only be conducted by a legal Turkish entity

Companies importing substances and mixtures into Turkey can cover the C&L notification obligation of their importing customers through an appointed Legal Representative. RGS also provides support to Turkish manufacturers and importers lacking expertise and or resources to notify classified substance.

REACH Global Services, through its Turkish operations is pleased to offer you professional, confidential and cost effective notification services facilitating the regulatory compliance burden. Most companies placing mixtures on the market work with a Representative to protect their companies’ confidential business information such as formulation.

RGS has a successful track record helping over 200 international and national companies notify thousands of substances to comply with By-Law on chemical inventory and control.

Contact us to help you comply with:

“Regulation on the classification, labelling and packaging of substances and mixtures (CLP)” issues by the Turkish Ministry of Environment and Urbanization in the December 11, 2013 Wednesday Official Gazette Number: 28848.

[Maddelerin ve karisimlarin siniflandirilmasi, etiketlenmesi ve ambalajlanmasi hakkinda yonetmelik Cevre ve Sehircilik Bakanligindan 11 Aralik 2013 çarsamba Resmi Gazete Sayi : 28848 (Mükerrer)]
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