24/7 Telephone Emergency Response to Chemical Incident

CARECHEM is a 24 hour 365 day telephone information service providing substance specific information in chosen language(s) via trained chemical experts in response to a chemical incident (spill, fire or accidental exposure).

Service users are emergency services (ambulance, fire-brigade, port authority, coast guard or police), product manufacturers, transporters, warehousing, users and members of the public. Incidents can occur when companies are least prepared holidays or at night, when resources are unavailable. Response time and hazards identification to people, property and environment are critical in any incident.

As a CARECHEM subscriber, anyone can call the dedicated telephone number on documentation, labelling or packaging and quickly receive product specific advice from a trained chemical incident expert. CARECHEM is a company’s rapid first line of defence in emergency response. CARECHEM 24 is flexible and can cover Turkey alone or any additional region and language. REACH Global Services S.A. is NCEC’s distributor of CARECHEM for Turkey.

Safeguard your company’s business and reputation by subscribing to CARECHEM.

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